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Johnny Macaroni’s has been making homemade sauces for their authentic Italian dishes for more than 20 years. Our chefs combine the freshest ingredients, extra virgin olive oil, imported cheese, and a special touch of spices and love. Now, you can turn your kitchen into an Italian restaurant by serving delicious dishes made with our traditional and authentic Italian sauces that everyone will love!

We offer three delicious flavors of sauce for retail sale.

Our Tomato Sauce is our original recipe flagship product. It’s a rich, smooth, premium quality, all purpose sauce. We’ve used it in our restaurants for over 20 years, and it’s the basis for many of our most famous dishes.

Our Marinara is a robust and hearty sauce, with chunks of tomato, onion and garlic, and Italian herbs.

Our newest offering is Spicy Roasted Garlic. Our chefs have created a sauce with a unique blend of garlic, herbs, and just the right amount of hot pepper for a flavorful sauce with kick.

All our sauces are locally produced in West Bridgewater, MA. They are hand crafted in small batches with the finest and freshest ingredients. Every sauce is gluten-free and we NEVER add preservatives or sugars, ensuring our food products are naturally healthy and nutritious.

Buy sauces to try in your own recipes for a quick dinner your family will love, or add them to one of our delicious recipes to turn your next family meal, dinner with friends, or party into a special occasion! We are sure that whoever you cook for will eat well, laugh often, and love what you make with Johnny Macaroni’s sauces!


Tomato Sauce: A rich and smooth full-flavored Italian sauce made with the finest tomatoes, onions, and spices. Add the sauce to any recipe to make it simply delicious!


Available in 25oz. jars



Marinara Sauce: A robust sauce made with chunks of fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, and spices. Add an extra zest to any dish for a wholesome and hearty meal!


Available in 25oz. jars